Moving From The Inside Out

Healing Mind & Body

Our bodies are home to all we think feel and do. Using Psychotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Movement Therapy & Movement Re-education, imagery, narrative writing, breathing techniques & touch, I treat you holistically & together we find the transformation you seek in healing.

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What’s the Matter? Do you even know?


Do you experience pains and aches in your body? Headaches, fatigue, disturbed sleep? Do you feel that you don’t have control of your moods, feel like that something is at play that you just can’t pinpoint and resolve?

Take a minute to really think about how much your body is in distress along with your mind. Your body is “communicating” to you through pain and discomfort that there may be an emotional restriction that needs to be released. Treating the mind separately from the body is not treating you holistically.

Do you feel insecure about ‘showing up fully’ in personal, professional, or movement activities? Do you feel anxious and stressed regularly, or find yourself thinking and re-thinking your responses to various situations? Do you feel you cannot breathe?


You are not alone

Our burdens manifest in some way in our bodies. Joint & back pain, headaches, sciatica, weight issues, to name a few. I help you discover not only the root of what is eating at you but also what you are doing to feed the matter and how to transform your problems.

Facilitating the body/mind connection acts as a natural treatment for depression, anxiety and physical pain that manifest as a result of trauma that has been held and not dealt with.

No, it is not all “in your head”

We are intellectual beings. Our body carries, and  we express, our inner complex emotions physically.

I bring what restricts you to the foreground and hold a safe place for your body and mind to truly connect and move through the pain. Connecting physically allows us to connect emotionally, psychically and spiritually. I help you discover and integrate your body/mind relationship so you can make lasting and healthy shifts towards your highest purpose, so you can live a meaningful and joyful life.

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