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Are you stuck?

Facilitating Mind-Body Relationships

We are all creative moving beings.

I help people who suffer from stress, physical pain, depression and anxiety due to EMOTIONAL TRAUMA name and claim their unmet feelings and needs, to enhance the quality of their lives so they can be pain free and access their unique expressive qualities.

I facilitate people reconnecting with their creativity so they can find meaning and purpose in their lives.

Do you feel undervalued and question your self worth?

  • Are you overwhelmed by emotions and feeling trapped by not knowing where to start to sort out your life? Do you suffer depression that has you not wanting to get out of bed?
  • Are you struggling with headaches, neck, and back pain, and generally feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Do you experience panic attacks where you cannot catch your breath or shut off the stream of thoughts running through your head. Do you live in a world of “What ifs”?
  • Are you uncomfortable in your body, struggling with issues of weight (under/over) and body image? Is this pain limiting you from appreciating yourself, enjoying your life, your relationships, and ability to move forward?
  • Are you lonely and stuck in an unhappy job feeling undervalued and questioning your self worth? Do events in your life bring up feelings of abandonment and rejection? Does this keep you from speaking up at meetings or expressing your opinions?  Are you uncomfortable with your income?

You are not alone

I spent years suffering physical pain in my neck, back, and joints not realizing they were the manifestation of the emotional pain of not being seen or having my needs met. I lived in fear that others would “find me out”. I struggled with my body image not seeing myself as I truly was. I stayed in low paying jobs hoping to be seen and valued, only to be passed over for other people. I did extra work for nothing and I did not accept my unique way of being or creative holistic worldview.

Holistic Health -Moving through emotional pain

I have integrated years of training in the arts and a variety of body/mind holistic healing therapies to support you in a practical way to reconnect with your innate healing abilities and enjoy being who you are. I have tools to help you express yourself more fully so that you can be confidently seen by others without fear of being judged or rejected. I help you find your way to what is eating at you emotionally and causing your physical pain.

I help you truly see yourself, be in a valuing relationship with yourself, your inner wisdom and others, so you can see, be, and value what is in the world around you.

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