Somatic Movement Therapy

Somatic Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy & Movement Re-education

The way we live our lives shows up in our movement patterns.

Our habitual way of moving may cause us pain. An old injury may have restricted our range of motion, or an emotional trauma may cause heart palpitations, tightness in our chests and sweating.

We are task oriented beings and at the body level we will use what ever muscles are available to us to get the job done. Having a sensing and mindful experience of your life in movement enhances your experience of being in your body and understanding what you “hold”, emotionally or physically.

My aim is for clients to connect to a deep awareness of HOW they are moving and what they hold in their body. To re-pattern sensory awareness, I help you revisit patterns you learned as a baby and connect to the underlying reflexes that support any movement process.  We talk about goals and objectives in your daily life and in your functional movement.

Improve Core Support

Somatic Movement Therapy Toronto, Mind Body, Holistic Health, BioenergeticsUnderstanding core strength from a deeply supported connection to breath and how that is something that can be accessed in our everyday movement – from sitting – to picking up groceries – carrying laundry – climbing stairs.

Being a particular way focuses our body/mind not to simply discharge emotional energy but to gain perspective. Moving in a particular way activates and re-balances our inner to outer resources. This connecting inner to outer is itself a spiritual healing process.

We are all dancers of life, we need to move and be moved. Working with me allows you to connect deeply, discover and value what you want out of life.

Somatic Movement Therapy also improves strength, coordination and connectivity. Through our sessions I help you to make effective and functional motor choices, so you can work out longer, carry out your daily tasks with ease and confidently manage stress.

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