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Somatic Courses For 2018

* there is a no refund policy from two weeks prior to the beginning of the first day or session

Introduction to Somatics with Bartenieff Fundamentals™

March 16, 17 & 17 2018. (Mar 16 – 5pm-9pm, Mar. 17 – 11am – 6pm,  Mar. 18 – 11am – 3pm.)

As a somatic practice, Bartenieff Fundamentals focuses on movement as a process of deepening sensory awareness. This approach enhances self-awareness and personal growth.

Bartenieff Fundamentals supports the experience of dynamic alignment, coordination, strength, flexibility, mobility, kinesthetic awareness and expression, as well as aids in the reduction of physical injuries and increases our ability to cope with stress.

In this 15 hour course we explore the global themes of Exertion/Recuperation, Stability/Mobility, Function/Expression, Inner/Outer. When you learn the basic 6 movement sequences you will discover relationships between: Developmental Patterns and our movement experience; The breath and core support; Kinetic Chains involved in movement initiation and sequencing; Centres of gravity/levity; Shifts of weight and embodiment.

The knowledge and skills gained in this introductory course are easily integrated into the teaching or practice of dance, Yoga, Pilates, Fitness training, and any body/mind practice.

Introduction to Somatics: The observation experience with Laban Movement Analysis

February 2, 3, 4 2018. (Feb. 2 – 5pm-9pm, Feb. 3 – 11am – 6pm,  Feb. 4 – 11am – 3pm.)

Location: Talk Touch Move, 357 Jane St. Toronto.)

Developed by Rudolf Laban, Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) is a framework of principles that examine the process of moving and enhances our ability to observe, describe what we see, and understand its meaning. One aim of LMA is to awaken sensory awareness and perceptual filters in order to help us more clearly understand our thoughts, feelings and intuitions expressed in movement. In so doing we bring the body experience to words.

In this flexible system there are four primary categories, they are Body, Effort, Space, and Shape (BESS). With a language for describing movement both quantitatively and qualitatively, we can better bridge perception and assessment and broaden our worldview. This somatic approach to observation and understanding can be utilized in such diverse fields as the performing arts, psychotherapy, yoga, fitness and athletics, health and rehabilitation, social sciences and non-verbal communication.

Somatic Movement Exploration 2018 classes:

Somatic Movement Explorations:

  • Somatic Movement Explorations is a 3 hour class designed to experiment with our sensory perceptions. Incorporating global themes of inner to outer, mobility stability, exertion recuperation, and function expression these classes involve weight sensing, breath support, bony landmark connectivity, spinal mobility and explore how we organize ourselves. This is a moving meditation so you can connect deeply with yourself and understand non verbal information coming to you from our bodily wisdom and that of others with whom you share the world.

Dates TBA. Package cost: $339.00 (HST inc.) for 5 classes, the 6th is free

Email Nadine for this offering:

Cell 416 795 4369

Ongoing Movement Classes: 

Whole Body Movement

My weekly movement exploration classes continue on Wednesdays and Fridays (9:30-10:30) at Timothy Eaton Church.  Please bring a friend and join us in room 107.

Please check back soon to see additional exciting Workshop Offerings! 


3 day intensive workshops are $375.00 + HST Exclusive online offer

6 hour workshops are $150.00 + HST Exclusive online offer 

3 hour workshops are $75.00 + HST Exclusive online offer 

* there is a no refund policy from two weeks prior to the beginning of the first day or session

International Offerings

Have Workshops will travel

I am happy to report that the first workshop hosted at TALK TOUCH MOVE was rich in experiencing and full of learning. I so appreciate what all participants bring to sessions.

Above are my intended offerings for 2018.

Please look and see if something appeals to you, whether it is a refresher or a new exploration, you are most welcome to come and ‘play’.

These 3 or 6 HOUR workshops can be tailored your specific population needs, be they instructors wanting a fresh point of view for their syllabus or practitioners who want to enliven their awareness of non verbal communication. A somatic approach provides sensorial, developmental, and emotional support for our moving selves, so we can live fully embodied lives.

If ANY OF MY OFFERINGS ARE OF INTEREST TO YOU but you cannot come to Toronto I am happy to come to your community to present material. Write to me and let me know of your needs.

Contact Nadine

Cell 416 795 4369




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